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miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011


The murky bundles of sin wove drapes around the heavens. Black tresses-like, dense, curly fur lazily spread in front, partly covering the mount. The features now remained hidden by design, from view, though the flashes of light revealed the crevices; dried-up channels like nail marks tapered down up to the valleys. The drums beat like the heart, audible in the nervous silence, gradually mounting in tempo. The blazing light was too flickering like in a night club; soft breezy caresses callously rousing frivolous expectations overflowing with the sensual prospects, rubbing out the pent- up fretfulness, giving space for indulgence; like the bushy dry grass vainly waiting for trickles of releasing wetness; the cleft, below the mounts seemed to quiver in bare anticipation of a surging torrent. The fields were scorched and separated by thin skinned boundaries, which served as the passage. In dry nakedness earth lay back in the blissful prospect of moisture in its arid bushy haunches.
I looked up at the array of hills brushing the horizon. I heard a distant rumble. Rain clouds had gathered and covered the hills.I walked and waited for the rain to stream my parched mind.The bundles of black cotton peeking from the tips of the south east horizon carried a breezy cheerfulness, amorous and frivolous. Dogs now changed to elephants as bearded fakirs got converted to old model cars. The rest of the vast expanse remained a faded blue where a flock of crows crossed hurriedly.A blurred, unsure moon, sans scars, lazily lingered.I walked; my nostrils craving for the muddy reek and body, the slashes of gushing rainwater.Three forth of the firmament was now covered with the black thunder clouds. Lightning flashed like so many dragons splitting the ether to pieces .The palm trees did not budge in the wind that was slowly gathering momentum; may be the vampires were still asleep on it.
Then abruptly the rain clouds had disappeared as strong winds herded them off to more virtuous places where righteous people lived and waited. I saw remnants of its trail in the far nook of the horizon. I felt sad and dejected as I walked my way back the winding path leaving behind, the dried-up hopes. The sky seemed downcast as one, who couldn’t weep, like the eye that couldn’t shed a tear
I looked back and the hills stood abandoned, barren and apathetic as a gust passed me by like a sigh that exhausted a suppressed desire.

Sasidharan Cheruvattath (La India) 

With affection and gratitude to this magnificent man, for his invaluable support and friendship:
Arturo Juárez Muñoz

34 comentarios:

  1. I deeply appreciate this kind of story. It's deep, mystical, beautiful and inspire me to think a lot of things.

  2. Hugo Torreblanca M. (D.F.)19 de enero de 2011, 15:59

    Muy admirable Shashi:
    Sinceramente me costó trabajo interpretar el mensaje, pero al final, lo encuentro sumamente hermoso y lleno de esa cualidad del pueblo indú: Lleno de misticismo, sobriedad y variadas formas de exponer un pensamiento.
    La fotografía es sensacional.

  3. Dear Shashi:
    I am very excited to see you in these latitudes. I welcome your work, your kindness and your support to this blog.
    Warm greetings:

  4. ¡Grandiosa fotografía! Me gustó la historia también.
    Gracias por incluir este tipo de literatura.

  5. Extraño, profundo, quizá una forma de escritura compleja pero hermosa. La foto es magnífica.
    Felicito a este escritor y espero seguir leyéndolo en el blog

  6. Dear friend:
    Beautiful prosa. The picture is amazing and the story so deep. Congratulations about this incursion on spanish blog.

  7. Adriana Bautista Zapata19 de enero de 2011, 17:36

    Muy agradable relato. La fotografía guarda ese momento sublime del ave cuando atisba al horizonte.
    Me gustó.

  8. Simply: Wonderful

  9. I love this kind of poems. India is exciting, and people. Shashi reflects the mysticism and simplicity in his writing

  10. Awesome. I like it. The concepts are so good and the photo is incredible.

  11. So deep. The style is very good. I like the themes that involves the Nature and the misticism of the animal kingdom.

  12. Emiliano Nava Cadena (Los Mochis)25 de enero de 2011, 12:01

    Muy hermoso relato. Felicito a Shashi por su nobleza, sencillez y buen gusto. La fotografía es sensacional.

  13. I've always admired India. Its people, its customs, its history. Shashi lives up to its ancestry with this beautiful story.
    Cheers to this great writer

  14. Dear Shashi:
    Beautiful, awesome, deep.
    I like it so much. Your picture is wonderful because catchs a special moment.

  15. Splendid your work. Congratulations!
    I hope to see you again.

  16. Gracias a todos por los bellos comments.I siento abrumado por la multitud de percepciones.
    .. y gracias traductor de google ..:)
    and thank you dear Arturo Juárez Muñoz for your gesture.

  17. I am surprised about sensibility and inventive of Shashi.
    Is exquisite the narrative style, maybe strange for me, but deep and beautiful.

  18. "The sky seemed downcast as one, who couldn’t weep, like the eye that couldn’t shed a tear"
    I love this line. I find an adorable misticism in this poetic words.
    Thanks to Shashi. He moves me so deep.

  19. Anita Salcido Peredo7 de febrero de 2011, 22:08

    ¡Exquisita poesía vuelta relato!
    Me fascinó sobremanera, pues me hizo recordar mi vida en el campo y sus bellezas naturales.

  20. Marco Aurelio Mohedano8 de febrero de 2011, 22:04

    Extraordinaria fotografía. Plasma un instante maravilloso del animal, como si lo hubiesen llamado para ser fotografiado.
    Intenso, dulce, vigoroso.

  21. Siempre he admirado las expresiones artísticas basadas en animales. No es una fábula, pero guarda el misticismo y belleza de un aprendizaje harto verdadero: la vida tal cual la diseñó el Creador.

  22. Sasidharan Cheruvattath:
    it is a honor to read about you. This is a magnificent opportunity to know that beautiful culture in India.
    Warm greetings
    Charles Sims

  23. ¡Bellísimo relato!
    Siempre me he sentido atraída por aquellos sentimientos que miran hacia la conjunción del hombre y la naturaleza, flora, fauna.
    Solamente se requiere abrir bien los ojos y percibir aromas, sonidos y armonía entre todo ello.

  24. Me costó trabajo la comprensión del texto, sin embargo, el resultado final es lo que cuenta.
    Me parece extraordinario, especial, diferente.
    Besos a Shahsi por tanta gentileza.

  25. I believe the author is a man with high sensitivity, deep and full of philosophy. His narrative is forceful and delicate metaphorical.
    I enjoyed it greatly.

  26. Splendor tale. The narrative is sweet, with highlights and beauty.

  27. Me parece excepcional la forma de relatar y describir metafóricamente un evento cotidiano, que pareciendo intrascendente, nos llena de sabiduría y reflexión.
    Felicito al autor, que desde mi punto de vista, tiene un sello diferente y muy atractivo.

  28. Exquisite way to describe so tender moment. A story is so beautiful as beautiful is the context in wich moves.
    Warm greetings to Shashi

  29. Muy peculiar narrativa.
    Encuentro una cadencia muy especial en su trabajo. Más allá del misticismo a que hacen mención, tiene un estilo impredecible y profundo.

  30. Extremely beautiful! This kind of tale is majestic and deep. Thank you very much for share your thoughts.

  31. Querido Shashi:
    Cuán maravillosos y profundo relato.
    Me sentí conmovida y transportada a tu mundo ideal.

  32. Your writing is par excellence......kudos....

  33. Dear Shashi,
    I am so excited to see you here, where I too am a fresher. Your writing, as always, is beautiful, profound and imbued with a mystique quite befitting the theme. The arid planes awaiting rain resonates in my mind.

  34. O Thank you Fazal and please know that I too am an admirer of your style and substance of writing.Nice to meet you here too!